Sunday, August 30, 2015

Why I love Disney

I am a Disney lover.  Actually, I am probably closer to being a extreme Disney enthusiast. I cannot get enough Disney in my life.   Whether it be from Disney movies, clothing referencing Disney, kitchen items with the iconic Mickey mouse head on it, to seasonal Disney goods, to trips to Walt Disney World Resort - I cannot get enough.  And I am perfectly okay with it.
This is me. In my Minnie Ears.

Those around me, loved ones, family and friends, know about my love affair with Disney.  In fact, they are fans of Disney themselves and will travel with me to my beloved place!  I consider myself to be a lucky girl because of this!
My Disney loving friends.
My Disney loving family.

People frequently ask me, "why Disney?" "Why do I keep going back to Walt Disney World, isn't it the same every year?" "Why do you like Disney so much?"   Its hard not to just reply back, "because it is Disney…".  Instead I have to explain.  Actually, have to is the wrong phrase.  I get to explain.
Cinderella's Castle in Magic Kingdom

My love for Disney started with their movies.  When I was a child, I remember welcoming Michael Eisner into our home every Sunday when my family and I would watch The Disney Sunday movie together (this was eventually renamed The Wonderful World of Disney).  My favorite childhood movies consisted of Lady and The Tramp (I watched it so often I would ruin the VHS tape and my mom would have to go by another copy - this happened more than once), The Little Mermaid, Aladdin, The Jungle Book, Robin Hood, and The Many Adventures of Winnie the PoohThen I got old enough to take myself to the movies and while I know I saw other movies, the Disney movies I saw during my high school years are the ones I remember and still watch to this day.

Then there are the magical vacations to Walt Disney World Resort in Lake Buena Vista, FL.  Walt Disney World is a location of many of my fond childhood memories.  My favorite memory of mine is being at the Magic Kingdom when I was 4, being held by my grandma and watching the Main Street Electrical parade go by - and we were both equally fascinated.  I can recall each and every visit to Walt Disney World and each one was magical in its own way.  Even in my angry teenage years, trips to Walt Disney World brought me back to the "I love my family and I love spending time with my family" version of myself.  Then Walt Disney World trips turned into trips with my college friends, visiting the EPCOT Food and Wine festival and having the time of our lives.  Eventually the trips to Walt Disney World began to include both my family and my college friends and everyone has a great time together.
Friends and family in Walt Disney World.

So why Walt Disney World?  I go back because of that warm, bubbly feeling I get when walking underneath the Walt Disney Railroad Station, letting the sights, sounds and smells that take me back to the same joy I had as a 4-year-old with my grandma and being able to share that with friends and family - year after year.
Walt Disney Railroad Train Station 

I go back to Walt Disney World because of the memories that are created while on these trips.  I can recall things that happened on trips like they happened yesterday - when really it was years ago - and  upon recall they still bring smiles and laughs.

I go back because of the quality time spent with family in a way I can't get elsewhere.  My dad, being a successful business man, is always on the phone working - even on vacation.  Except at Disney.  He puts his phone goes away and gets to relax and enjoy family time.  It is also quality time that my friends and I get to spend together like we used to in college. We are busy with our own careers and families that it is nice to get away for a week and just be friends, catch up and spend time together without distractions.

The family on our last trip to WDW.
I keep going back because of the outstanding customer service I get while at Walt Disney World Resort. The cast members are always willing to go above and beyond to make our visit magical.  For example, one time our group was standing outside Test Track trying to determine if we had enough time to ride it before out dinner reservations, and we decided we did not.  A cast member overheard us and asked us if we would follow her - we thought we were in trouble!  She lead us away from the line and told us "everyone should be able to do Test Track!" and she opened up a back door to the ride, taking us straight to the front of the line and told us and we got on the ride and make our dinner reservations.

I return year after year (and sometimes more than once a year) because there is always something different and new to do.  Walt Disney World changes things here and there, adding things here and there - always giving us something new to try.  Whether it be creating a whole new world in one of the theme parks, or updating a ride or even adding a restaurant to the extensive list - each trip I've taken to Walt Disney World is different than the last trip I've taken.  That being said, along with getting to do the new things, I get to experience my old favorites as well.
RIP Maelstrom
The new My Disney Experience/Magic Band

So that being said, I hope I've been able to convey just a little bit of why I keep going back to Walt Disney World.  If you want your family to experience all the magic and wonder Walt Disney World and the Disney Travel line has to offer, contact me so I can help plan your vacation to Walt Disney World!