Saturday, September 12, 2015

Summer Packing List for Walt Disney World

I normally go to Walt Disney World in the fall.  I go in the fall for two main reasons:

  1. Epcot Food & Wine Festival occurs in the fall and its my favorite event held at Walt Disney World.
  2. It doesn't feel like the inside of an oven when you're outside.

That being said, I leave to go to Walt Disney World next week; during Florida summer.  In my home state, Kentucky, the end of September is usually associated with the extreme heat and intense humidity making their exit for the year and the nice fall weather rolling in.  

Screen shot from of Northern KY weather in September
September in Florida? Still very oven like.
Screen shot from of Walt Disney World weather in September

So now, I'm packing for a trip to Walt Disney World during Florida summer and I thought I would share what I'm packing to help you out.  

What am I bringing for my weekend trip:

1.  TANK TOPS AND T-SHIRTS. Light and airy is the key for me.  I also pack two outfits for each day I'm in "the World."  One of my favorite tips to give for a successful trip to Walt Disney World is taking breaks from the park and to not over doing it (there is no way you can see everything there is to do, no matter how long your trip is)!  When its mid-afternoon HOT out, I head back to the hotel for a little break.  This could be a swim, a nap, a shower, etc.  But it always involves an outfit change so I feel refreshed when I go back to the parks in the evening.
Where else are you going to wear a Winnie the Pooh shirt besides Walt Disney World? Disneyland.

2.  SHORTS. I will be bringing shorts because I am alway hot, especially in the summer.  Capris and pants are something the hide in my closet until it is officially lower than 75° at the warmest point of the day. Needless to say, they will not be making the trip.  As with shirts, I'm packing two pairs of shorts for each day.
Summertime = shorts. 

3.  BATHING SUIT.  Walt Disney World has some of the most amazing pools I've seen in all of my travels, so the kids are probably going to want to swim at some point of their trip, if not every day.  Plus nothing beats cooling off like jumping into pool on a hot day.  If you're at the pool during the midday heat, instead of at the parks, everyone will be happy, especially after a few trips down the water slide (almost all of the resort pools have one).  Plus what is a vacation if it doesn't involve a trip or two down the water slide?  Another reason to bring a bathing suit - the hot tubs! Walking around the parks all day is pretty tiresome; relaxing in a hot tub after a long day helps me get relaxed and ready for the next day!
Ready for the pool slide!

4. SOCKS.  Who wears gym shoes without socks?!

5.  GYM SHOES. They are must no matter what time of year.  I strongly suggest bringing a comfy pair of walking shoes.  Do not, I repeat, DO NOT bring brand new shoes.  It will be one of the worst mistake you make while preparing for your trip.  After a day in the brand new shoes, your feet will hate you.  And they will let you know that they hate you.  Thus your feet will ruin your trip if you wear brand new shoes at WDW.

6.  A SECOND PAIR OF SHOES. Why? Well, I don't know if you've heard or not, but Walt Disney World is located in Florida.  Florida is pretty well known for their afternoon pop-up rain showers.  It is also hurricane season.  Rain = wet shoes.  Wet shoes, like brand new shoes, will ruin your day.  Your feet will hate you for putting them in wet shoes for an entire day.  Do yourself a favor and bring a extra pair of shoes to switch into once your first pair gets wet.  Another reason: Florida's crazy humidity, it takes longer for wet items to dry. Your gym shoes that got wet Saturday afternoon may very well be wet Sunday morning.  No one likes wet shoes.  I'm bringing and extra pair of gym shoes and a pair of sandals - I like wearing sandals at night when I'll be doing less walking.
Extra shoes!

7.  PONCHOS.  As I mentioned in the previous statement, it rains - a lot - in Florida during the summer.  The best way to deal with the rain while visiting the parks is a poncho.  Umbrellas tend to be too cumbersome and generally don't hold up well with the wind.  

8.  UNDERGARMENTS.  I've never seen "unmentionables" for sale at any Walt Disney World gift shop.  If you forget them, you're gonna have to go off property to buy some.

9.  A LIGHTWEIGHT BAG to take into the parks.  The bag will hold my sunglass (during rides), cell phone, camera, sunscreen, a small wallet with my I.D., credit card, health insurance card (I'm my mother's daughter) and some cash.  The I.D. is very important if you plan on consuming alcohol and look under the age of 50.  I am a heavy cell phone user, so I'll also bring a portable charger.  That is it,  I don't want to be lugging around 50 lbs on my shoulders all day.  If you don't mind the weight, be my guest and bring more but in my opinion, you don't need it. 
The contents of my purse. In case you were wondering...

10.  COSMETICS & TOILETRIES.  If you have hair that can be either straight or curly - like myself -  know that in Florida it will be curly (even if you left the hotel room with straight hair).  So be prepared and bring the correct products.  You will thank me when you're showing off your Walt Disney World vacation pictures to friends, family, co-workers, people that didn't go, etc. and your hair doesn't look like an animal you found at Animal Kingdom.
Curly hair necessities. 

11.  PRESCRIPTIONS, ADVIL, TUMS, BANDAIDS.  You never know when you're going to need these so better safe than sorry.  The gift shops do carry these items (over the counters, the don't carry prescriptions), however, it's best to have them in the room when you need them.  Otherwise, you'll have to hike to the gift store to get them when you may not feel like going anywhere.
My Disney medicine cabinet.

12.  CARRY ON BAG.  Filled with goodies to get you and your family from point A to point B while traveling.  Important fact for those of you who need gum while flying: Walt Disney World does not sell gum anywhere on their property.  So if you need it for your flight there and back home - you will have to bring it yourself.  Or buy it in the airport with a crazy overcharge.
Carry on filled with magazines, Kindle and gum.

13.  MINNIE MOUSE EARS/ MICKEY MOUSE EARS.  Because you're going to Walt Disney World!
Minnie Mouse Ears!

And that is it! Ready to go! 

Is there anything you think that is essential for a Disney vacation in the summer that you think I'm forgetting?

UPDATE: September 23, 2015
I previously said in my list of things to pack that you must bring your "unmentionables" because I had never found any in the gift shops in case you forgot yours.  Well I found them! Only in adult sizes, but they were there.  And I found them in two resort gift shops: at the Walt Disney World Dolphin and at the Contemporary.

For the ladies: I only found one option. A "ladies hipster" style.  I found them in sizes XS - XXL.  I only found one option as far as print goes.  They come 3 to a pack and are priced at $21.95.

For the men: I found two options for men - a Mickey Mouse outline and a Mickey Mouse parts style.  Both of the boxer style. Only one per pack. Priced at $19.95.

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