Saturday, November 14, 2015

Disney's Baby Care Centers

Most of my trips to Walt Disney World, my sister and I were the youngest kids on the trip.  Even when we were in our 20s - we were still the only kids on the trip.  And then my best friend, one of my Disney cohorts, had her baby daughter, E.  And our Disney trips changed - for the better.  It also opened up a whole new world of places I''ve never visited while at Walt Disney World.  One of these places I had never visited were the Baby Care Centers.  These centers are amazing places for those visiting the Walt Disney World Parks with toddlers, infants and babies.

There is a Baby Care center in all four  Disney theme parks.  The one in Magic Kingdom is located  between Casey's Corner and The Crystal Palace.

The one in Epcot is located near the Odyssey Center (If you are in the World Show Case, walking from Mexico to Canada, take the walkway to the Odyssey right after the Mexico Pavilion.  The  Baby Care Center will be on the right of the Odyssey Center.  If you are heading towards Mexico Pavilion from the Canada Pavilion, the walkway will be on your left right before the Mexico Pavilion).

The Baby Care Center in Disney's Hollywood Studios is located right at the main entrance - once you come through the turnstiles, the Center will be on your left.

And finally, the Disney's Animal Kingdom's Baby Care Center is located on Discovery Island, to the left of the Tree of Life.  The walkway to the Baby Care center is right past Creature Comforts and right before the  Disney Vacation Club booth.

The Baby Care Centers are place to get away from the hustle and bustle of the park for when mom needs to feed the baby in a quiet and private setting, if the child needs a diaper change, or simply a time out from all the excitement.  On my last trip, we found ourselves being the only ones in the Center so I asked the Cast Member working in the Baby Care Center if I could take some pictures so here are some that I snapped.

Private nursing rooms available.

There are plenty of clean, large changing tables with protective paper.  There are also restrooms for the big-kids and adults.

There is also a play area for kids to crawl and play around when they need to get out of the strollers and out of someone's arms.
Baby E. enjoying the play area.

The Baby Care Centers are also very well stocked in case you forgot to bring something with you on your trip or into the park that the baby will need throughout the day.  Some of the items I saw included diapers in various sizes.

Diapers in various sizes.

The Baby Center also stocks baby powder,  diaper cream, wet-wipes, baby food, snacks for bigger kids, Pedialyte, sippy-cups and medicine for babies. There is also a microwave and bottle warmers for those that need them.

Forgot your child's bib or pacifier at home? You've covered.

Cabinets full of baby and children needs. 

There was also another area with some chairs and kid sized tables for coloring and playing.  This area also featured bibs, pacifiers, baby socks, and baby toys.  This area also had children's clothing (shirts, shorts, and undergarments) available for purchase if you have an emergency and need a change of clothing right away. 

In addition to toys, the sell children's clothing in case of an emergency.

These Baby Centers in all four Walt Disney World theme parks, prove once again of how family-friend and baby-friendly Walt Disney World is.  The Baby Centers are truly a great place to get away with baby, mom and dad need a break from all of the excitement that is Walt Disney World.

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