Saturday, November 21, 2015

Snack Review: Mickey's Premium Ice Cream Bar

The Mickey's Premium Ice Cream Bar in Walt Disney World is something that has reached icon status. And rightfully so.
Mickey's Premium Ice Cream Bar!

This ice cream treat is vanilla ice cream with chocolatey coating - in the shape of a Mickey Mouse head!  The ice cream bar can be found at Ice Cream and Frozen Treats cart at various and plentiful locations through out the World.  I happened to get mine at a cart located in Fantasyland outside of Pinnochio Village Haus.  This sweet treat cost me $4.25.
Various options from the Ice Cream and Frozen Treat cart.

The first bite of the Mickey Premium Bar is always the hardest - what Mickey's ear do I want to eat first?  I picked one and was rewarded with the pleasant sound of the chocolate shell breaking and then cold vanilla ice cream.  The chocolate shell is quite thick compared to most dipped ice cream bars.  The chocolate shell and vanilla ice cream is a quite a pleasant combination on a hot day in the parks.  I shared the Premium Bar with a friend and we both agreed that they are tasty and is a must do on every trip.

Adios Mickey ear!

Quick Recap

  • Treat: Mickey's Premium Ice Cream Bar
  • Where can it be found? Various locations around the World
  • Cost? $4.25
  • Sharable? Yes
  • Good? Very good, 5-Mickey-Head Approval.

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