Friday, February 12, 2016

Snack Review: Magic Kingdom Egg Roll

Adventureland is home to some pretty amazing food in Walt Disney World.  It is home to the new Skipper Canteen Restaurant and you also have ??? which is home to the Dole Whip.  But today we are visiting the Egg Roll Cart.  I’ve seen this cart in various locations in Adventureland – I’ve seen it located right before Jungle Cruise when you walk in from Main Street.  However, this visit to the Egg Roll Cart was located in between the Jungle Cruise and Pirates of the Caribbean – just outside of the the large stroller parking area. 

Eggroll cart coming from Pirates.

Eggroll cart coming from Jungle Cruise.

The Egg Roll is a relatively cheap snack in Walt Disney World – pricing at $2.75.  A Walt Disney World snack for under $3! Why yes please, I'll take one!  (Note: this yummyEgg Roll would not be a good choice to use your Disney Dining Plan snack credits on!)

Eggroll cart offerings.

The day I visited there were only Egg Rolls – no cheeseburger spring rolls like the menu indicated.   The Egg Roll is on the larger side of the Egg Roll spectrum – in my opinion.  The ones I get from my local Chinese restaurant are a bit shorter but also might be a bit squattier (yes, that is now a word).  
Vegetable Eggroll fresh from the cart

There are 4 types of sauce available to eat top your Egg Roll with – soy sauce, mustard, Chinese hot mustard and ketchup.  I prefer my Egg Rolls with the sweet orange Duck Sauce but this cart didn’t have any so I ate this Magic Kingdom Egg Roll sans any sauce.
The 4 sauces available: Mustard, Ketchup, soy sauce and hot mustard.
The Egg Roll was very crispy and the wonton wrapper held the contents of the roll very nicely – no soggy locations.  I also didn't find the Magic Kingdom Egg Roll to be overly greasy - the napkin I held it with, didn't have any greasy marks left on it = win.  The filling was a vegetable blend and was quite yummy and flavorful.  Much to my enjoyment the vegetable blend wasn’t cabbage heavy.   

Eggroll cross section.

Everyone who tried the Egg Roll – it was shared by 3 people and a baby while waiting in the queue for Pirates - enjoyed it very much and thought it was a substantial snack for the price. 

If you’re in need of a quick and unique snack – I highly recommend one of these! You can't beat the price plus they are delicious!

Do you and your family stop by and get an Egg Roll when visiting the Magic Kingdom? Let me know!
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