Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Changes to the Walt Disney World FastPass+ Selections

It has been rumored for a while now that the FastPass+ selections of Wishes Nighttime Spectacular and the Disney's Festival of Fantasy Parade at Magic Kingdom would be going away.  And I'm sad to report that we may have finally reached the day... The listing of attractions with FastPass+ service (found here) doesn't list Wishes nor does is list Disney's Festival of Fantasy Parade.
Listing of FastPass+ Selections available at Magic Kingdom no longer includes Wishes nor Disney's Festival of Fantasy Parade

In addition to that, when I go into book a FastPass+ for April 21 for Wishes, this is what I am greeted with:

Wishes has been removed from the FastPass+ selection for April 22

Nothing is there! If you are familiar with the FastPass+ selection options, you would know that Wishes used to be there! For example, if I select the day before, April 21, Wishes is there to pick from.
Wishes available for a FastPass+ selection for April 20th.

Even though the Wishes is gone (for April 21st), the Disney's Festival of Fantasy FastPass+ is still shown for both days.  But both days tell me that there are no additional FastPass+ available.

Festival of Fantasy FP+ is appearing for both days but days claim the FastPass+ are gone for  each day.

So then I wondered if IllumiNation at Epcot and Fantasmic! at Disney's Hollywood Studio's still had FastPass+ selections appearing and if they were still available.  Both still appear on the listing (can be found here):

IllumiNations and Fantasmic both show on the FastPass+ listing!

IllumiNations FastPass+ is available for April 20th...

But, even though it is showing for up for April 21st - it states that there are no more FastPass+ available...

Lastly, Disney's Hollywood Studios Fantasmic! FastPass+ selections appear and still show availability to be selected.

Fantastic! is still available

What do you think all of this means? Will they FastPass+ selections return? Or, as it is heavily rumored, the FastPass+ areas going to be Dessert Party areas for both Wishes and IllumiNations? I know it was nice being able to schedule my FastPass+ for Wishes on my arrival days  - when I wasn't going to use the FastPass+ on rides or attractions early on in the day but on a typical Magic Kingdom day, I didn't want to waste a FastPass+ selection for Wishes.

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