Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Disney Movie Review: Finding Dory

This past weekend, the weekend of June 17th, was the opening weekend of Disney-Pixar's Finding Dory!

One of my favorite Disney-Pixar movies is Finding Nemo.  So needless to say when it was announced that there would be a sequel starring my favorite-forgetful blue fish, I was pretty excited.  After seeing Finding Dory on Saturday, I can say this sequel will also be a Disney movie classic.

Finding Dory has a similar story line to Finding Nemo - something is lost (Dory's family) and they need to be found.  The sequel starts a year after where Finding Nemo left us and Dory remembers that she has a family (her mom and dad).  Dory and Nemo convince Marlin that they need to go on an incredible journey to find them.  On their journey we learn why Dory is such a unique fish (for example, why she is able to speak whale) and we get to see some of the characters from Finding Nemo (Crush, Squirt, Mr. Ray to name a few) and we also get to meet some great new characters.  The most memorable new character, for me, was Hank - the seven-legged octopus which Dory clarified for us that Hank is in fact a 'septapus'.  Hank helps Dory along her journey to find her parents but Dory is also able to help Hank out.
Meet Hank the septapus.

Unlike some Disney movies, Finding Dory also doesn't need a "you're going to cry" warning.  There is a moment that gets a little emotional and my eyes got watery but it wasn't enough to bring on tears needing tissues.  Nor did my sister or mother need tissues.  Finding Dory also doesn't need a "may frighten young children at a certain moment" warning.  There is an 'almost-scary' moment in Finding Dory, similar to what Dory and Marlin experienced in the first movie while trying to read the snorkel mask but that moment was much scarier than what is in Finding Dory.  The movie did have a lot of funny parts. I'm talking laugh out loud, slap my knee kind of laughs and multiple times through out the movie!

Over all I think this is a Disney move that the whole family (from babies to grandparents) will enjoy!

Here is a trailer for Finding Dory:

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