Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Disney Food Review: The Brown Derby Lounge

I have a new obsession in my life. I like to call this obsession, cheese. More specifically, brie.  I've spent a long time of my life without brie, so I'm trying to make up the time spent apart.  So imagine my surprise and excitement when I found out that the Brown Derby Lounge at Disney's Hollywood Studios has a fried cheese appetizer.  I sense your confusion - most fried cheese appetizers come in the from of fried mozzarella sticks.  On no. Not here, not at the Brown Derby.  Their fried cheese appetizer is a trio of cheeses featuring blue cheese, a Parmesan-goat cheese and fried brie.

So after a long day at Hollywood Studios, we headed over to the outdoor lounge to get this appetizer and a drink.  The Lounge is on the outside of the Brown Derby and it has a few small tables and a bar area.  The bar area is where you can order a drink to go or wait for your table.  You'll more than likely have a wait as the small area can get kind of busy! While we waited, we browsed the menu, even though we knew what we were there for.

Menu for the Brown Derby Lounge.

After we put our name down for a table, we ordered some drinks.  I ordered the Grapefruit Cake Martini - named and flavored after the famous Grapefruit Cake dessert available at the Brown Derby.  My snack companions ordered the Champagne Cocktail.  I wanted to like my drink, heck, I wanted to love my drink as I'm known for loving citrus flavored items. But sadly this is was a miss for me.  The drink didn't know if it wanted to be sweet or tart, and on the hot day I visited, the almost-but-not-quite creamy consistency was not refreshing enough for me.  I think if the drink was thinner and much, much colder it would have been great.  I kept adding ice to it and that helped.

My girlfriends won in the drink selection with their Champagne Cocktails. It was light and refreshing - perfect for a day at the parks!
The pink is the Grapefruit Martini. The other two are the Champagne cocktail.
Now the snack we came for - the Crispy Bites! There are three types of crispy bites served with this appetizer. The first are Parmesan-Goat cheese risotto sticks. The second (and the one I was most looking forward to) Brie cheese that was fried.  The last offering was Bleu Affinee-Mushroom Arancini.  I'm not a fan or goat cheese or bleu cheese so I was literally just here for the brie. 
The sticks are the Parmasean-Goat cheese, the balls are the bleu cheese and hidden down under all of that was the brie.
Unfortunately the brie wasn't there for me. It had literally melted out of the breading and we were left with just bread.  My girlfriends who do like bleu and goat cheese said that the other two appetizers were amazing and made up for the lack of brie.

Now I apologize, my pictures are lacking of the crispy bites outside of their serving container (we got excited and ate them all before I remembered I was supposed to take pictures).

Since I only came for the fried brie, it was a disappointing experience. But getting a seat in the theme park, while having a drink and some snacks with my friends while getting to people watch - this was amazing.  I'll go back to the outdoor lounge area of the Brown Derby but next time I'll be getting something different. Like the lobster bisque, sliders or the famous Hollywood Brown Derby Cobb salad.  Have you visited the Brown Derby Lounge? What were your thoughts?
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