Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Disney Veterans - Why I should be YOUR Disney Vacation Planner

There are two ways to groups the Disney vacationers.  The first group is the Disney Newbies - those whom haven't been to Disney and are visiting for the first time.  The second group is the Disney Veterans - those who have been to Disney before.  Many Disney veterans think that they don't need a Disney Vacation Planner to help them out - they've been to Disney World before and they know what they are doing.  Well, I'm here to tell you that even the most seasoned Disney veterans may want to consider using me as your Disney Vacation Planner the next time you go!  Here are my reasons why.

1. Most Disney veteran are afraid to use a Disney Vacation Planner because they think I'm going to take control over their planning. Don't worry, I promise I won't as long as you don't want me to.  As someone who loves to plan Walt Disney Trips, I know that planning the vacation is half of the fun!  I'll only make dining plans or FastPass+ reservations if you ask me to.  Or, perhaps you did make your dining reservations but you weren't able to get something you wanted - let me know and I'll keep my eye out for it! Or maybe your Advance Dining Reservation or FastPass+ booking window opens on a Saturday morning and you'd rather sleep in? I'll wake up early and do it for you. 
Using me as your Disney Vacation Planner means I'll treat your vacation with the same care I treat my own vacations!

2.  Yes, you've been to Disney before, perhaps more times than you can count, but I'll still share with you all of my tips and tricks and just maybe you'll discover something you didn't know about your resort or maybe a secret fireworks viewing spot.  Maybe it has been a few years since you've been to Disney - I'll help you figure out what is new, what has changed and what is no longer with us - helping you get the most out of your vacation!
Disney tips and tricks coming your way!

3. You won't pay one penny more by using me as your Disney travel agent. I repeat: My clients don't pay me for my services! I am paid by the vendor - Disney - not by my clients. In fact, most of my clients tend to go on their Disney vacations with a little extra Disney magic in their pockets (compared to those who didn't use me as a travel agent).  So you could book your Disney vacation on your own and get nothing to show for it, or you could book with me - and get extra.
Add some pixie dust to make your vacations even more magical!

4.  I'm going to free up your schedule (and maybe your sanity).  Especially when it comes to searching for discounts.  If you book your Disney vacation with me, instead of you searching whenever you get a chance, you will know that I'm endlessly searching for a discount that I can apply to the Disney vacation you've already booked with me.  This frees up your time to spend it with your family, relax, or watching that movie you've not gotten around to see.
Sit back and relax knowing your Disney Vacation Planner is taking good care of your vacation!

5. Use one vendor instead of multiple vendors! I'll not only help you with your Disney reservation but I'll also help you find airfare. Plus I can help you rent a wheelchair, stroller, crib and more from reliable Disney approved vendors! All you have to do is tell me which one you want and I'll get it done for you, plus I'll keep track of all your reservations for you.

5. You benefit by referring someone to me.  I love it when my clients refer someone to me - it is the highest compliment I can receive.  As a thank you for this appreciation, I send my clients (who referred someone to me and that person booked a vacation with me) their choice of a gift card or a travel credit for future travel booked with me.
Gift Card or Travel Credit - the choice is yours!
6. The Disney fun doesn't start when you're boarding Disney's Magical Express when you book with me.  The fun starts as soon as you book your Disney vacation with me!  Plus I love talking Disney to those who also love to talk Disney - don't you?

7. I know what I'm doing and I know what I'm selling.  I'm a Disney Vacation Planner because I love Disney vacations (some may say I'm addicted but that is another blog post for another day).  I've passed the Disney training program test on the first go-around.  I've been to the theme parks multiple times of a given year, I've stayed at their resorts (almost all of them!), I've been on the rides, and I've eaten at the restaurants - I've done the trip you're trying to plan and this enables me to give you the best advice!
Graduate of Disney's Training Program!
Here are some quotes directly from a few of my Disney Veteran customers:

"My family and I have taken numerous trips to Disney over the years but our past trip was the very best and we have Lauren to thank for that. Traveling with a baby is a lot of work but all of her planning made it so much easier. Every detail was covered from where we stayed, fast passes for our favorite rides, and where the baby stations at the parks were located in case of emergency! She was so helpful with booking dinner reservations and had the best tips on where to eat and drink as we walked around Epcot. We can't wait to plan our next trip and know we will call Lauren again."
"Lauren, our trip was perfect! You went above and beyond, so thank you thank you thank you!!!"

"Lauren planned the perfect back-to-Disney trip for me recently.  Her enthusiasm for Disney World is unbelievable and the joy she has in planning vacations to this special place is obvious! Her eye to detail and her determination to make this a special vacation was outstanding!  She went above and beyond what I was expecting.  I will utilize her services again"

Want to try me out as your Disney Vacation Planner but already have your vacation booked? No worries, you can transfer your reservation to me! Just email me - lauren@magicaltravel.com - and you'll get everything hat I mentioned above plus more!

Don't have a vacation booked but ready to go back now? Have more questions? Email me - lauren@magicaltravel.com - for a free, no obligation quote today - you'll hear back from me ASAP. I promise!
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