Monday, July 25, 2016

How to Keep Kids Entertained in Line at Walt Disney World!

Walt Disney World is a magical place. Full of wonder, delight, imagination and magic.

However, the lines at Walt Disney World tend not to be wonderful, delightful nor magical. Honestly, the aren’t fun for anyone. As adults we have come to learn how to keep ourselves occupied while in line. However, kiddos have a much harder time waiting – they want to run, play, and jump because that is what kids do.  Here are some of my suggestions on how to keep the kids, and your family, entertained while in line!

Play I Spy.  This is a game that requires your and your child's imagination and is generally good for all ages! You start with “I spy something that is (insert object you've spied)” and it goes from there.  Good things to spy are "Mickey Shaped", "the color of", etc.  Then your children have to ask yes or no questions trying to guess what it is that you’ve spied.  This works great with queues that have lots to look at and are have lots of open spaces. For example: “it’s a small world”; the Jungle Cruise; Finding Nemo; Expedition Everest; Kali River Rapids; Tower of Terror; Star Wars; Toy Story Mania; and Frozen Ever After to name just a few! This game is also great for kids whom are competitive because they will want their score of correct guesses higher than anyone else!'

Hidden Mickey’s. Walt Disney World is full of shapes that resemble a Mickey Mouse head outline (aka Hidden Mickeys).  Some are easy to find (i.e. a whole island at Disney's Animal Kingdom) to something itty bitty like a paint platter (all throughout the parks). But you can have a great time trying to see who can find the most Mickey's in one day! You can buy the Hidden Mickey book prior to your trip that you can take with you that will give you clues as to where they are in the park!
This Hidden Mickey was found on the Living with the Land attraction at Epcot.
Bubbles, silly putty, play doh, stickers, paper and crayons, and snack time! These are small toys/things that can be kept in a backpack and brought out as a surprise to keep kids entertained for the time while in line. When you get close, pack it up and get ready to ride! These are great for the younger kids who may not grasp the idea of playing the above games.

Head’s Up – Ellen Game App. This is a fun and hilarious game that Ellen started playing with her guests on her show, she has brought it to us with the app that we can play with our phones. One person holds the phone on their forehead (where they can't see the word that appears) showing the word to the other players and they have to give clues to the phone-holder as to what the word is. It is hilarious and is a great way to get everyone laughing! (Note the app does cost $0.99 but once you get to your Disney destination - there is a deck based on your Disney location - more Disney fun!

Make new friends! A great time distraction can be as simple as saying "Hi. How is your day going?" and asking people around you what they have done, where they have ate, etc. Most people are willing to interact with you because they are trying to distract themselves from the line too! I have met great people this way and have learned some cool Disney things this way too!

Maximize your FastPass+ selections! The minimal amount of time spent in line keeps everyone happy! Now that Walt Disney World Resort guests are no longer limited to 3 FastPass+ selections a day, families can really make the most out of their vacations by opting to get as many FastPasses as they can!

What are some of your tricks for keeping your family entertained while in line? Let me know in the comments!

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