Thursday, May 18, 2017

TapuTapu at Volcano Bay

At Volcano Bay guests will enjoy all the benefits of the TapuTapuwearable. The TapuTapu eliminates standing in long attraction lines allowing you to relax and play while waiting in the park's Virtual Line™ until it's time to ride!  Plus, with TapuTapu they can enjoy the fun and convenience of activating interactive surprises, opening lockers, making cash-free payments and more.

The TapuTapu
Experience All The Benefits of TapuTapu™ at Volcano Bay™ 
TapTu Ride    Make the most of your time with the Virtual Line™. This means more time having fun, less time standing in line. Use it to “tap in” at an attraction and receive a designated return time, leaving you free to do whatever you want until it’s time to ride - instead of spending much of the day standing in long lines.

TapTu Snap*   Take shots at special photo spots and get photos taken automatically on select attractions. (Additional fees apply).

TapTu Lock*   Open and lock lockers with a tap.

TapTu Play™   Volcano Bay’s hidden surprises are theirs to command.

TapTu Pay™   Pay for food, drinks and merchandise with a tap of theTapuTapu™ wearable.

How Virtual Line™ Works 
TapuTapu tap point
Arrive   Each guest will pick up their TapuTapu wearable as they enter the park. It’s theirs for the day.

Look For The Symbol   Look for this tap point throughout the park and use TapuTapu to get a return time, play and more.

Save Your Place In The Virtual Line™ Touch your TapuTapu on the tap point at a ride totem. This saves your place in the Virtual Line™ and gives a return time. The TapuTapu will hold your place in the Virtual Line for one attraction at a time (Based on availability).

Relax And Play Until Their TapuTapu™ Alerts 
Touch to Ride
Go play around the park with you wait. The TapuTapu will tell you when it’s time to head back to the ride.

Touch to Ride  Touch the tap point on the return totem and proceed through the ride entrance.

Return Your TapuTapu™ Return the TapuTapu wearables as you exit Volcano Bay™. If a credit card was linked to the wearable, it will be unlinked at this time.

If you want to visit the new Volcano Bay, email me - - for a free vacation quote! My services are always free! As a Universal Resort guest, enjoy exclusive benefits:

  • At select on-site hotels skip the regular lines with Universal Express™ Unlimited, a benefit worth up to $89 per person, per day
  • Early Park Admission^ to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter™ and Universal’s Volcano Bay™ (Opening May 25) one hour before the park opens (valid theme park admission required).
  • Free transportation and walking paths to Universal's theme parks and Universal CityWalk™.

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